Need help/advice with Dienolone (X-Tren)

  1. Need help/advice with Dienolone (X-Tren)

    Started my third cycle with Dienolone (Estra 4,9) in the form of CEL X-Tren, and for the second time, I started developing a lump under my right nipple.

    My first cycle of this two years ago at 90mg, I didnt have a problem. My second cycle last summer, I bumped up to 120mg the third week from 90mg, and developed this same lump. It took about four weeks of 6-oxo to get rid of it.

    This time I started at 60mg, and the lump came back after one week. So, I stopped and started an AI.

    Does anyone know what is going on? What is really the deal with this Dienolone / Estra 4,9??? Is it a Progestin? Does it aromatize through different pathways?

    There is so much conflicting info out there about this PH/AAS, but nothing solid I can find. I know that Patrick Arnold wrote about it in MD magazine a while back, but I cant find the article any longer.

    What are your thoughts and experiences? I love the lean mass, and strength gains, but not this recent onset of GYNO!!!

  2. No Tren PH users out there that are still alive?? Hell I better stop taking this stuff.....

  3. Sorry I can't speak from personal experience, but my research shows sometype of prolactin control is necessary for about 90% of us. Some people don't have any issues with Pro Dienolone prolactin issues.

    My plan is to run pstanz at 300mg per day while I'm am dosing Tren-e.

    There is some decent info in here:
    Prolactin Control Required for Pro dienedrone/Epi Stack?

    You could also take the more traditional approach with vitex, p5p, vitamin b, HGH...

  4. thats what dien does lol i got nasty gyno from it but i finished the cycle and jumped on clomid and went away after 4 weeks. be happy u dont got liquid comin out, my buddy started lactating lol
    if blow was characterized as a guy, consider me a homosexual :)

  5. I'd still recomend running pstanz at a minimum of 300mg e/d if running pro dienolone.



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