Experimenting with **** Thimocase and clen TOPICAL SOLUTION

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    Nice review schwell... your pictures showed some great results bro.
    Test e/dbol/epi/winnie

  2. Quote Originally Posted by schwellington View Post
    okay another update wrapped myself in saran wrap again applied thimo/clen to problem areas twice today- both times epic sweats

    more sweat in the workout period naturally.

    reduction in problem area- starting to become noticeable

    does this recieves schwells stamp of approvel

    not yet to early to tell but if things continue they way they are going more than likely
    Good review Schwell
    Recoverbro Elite
    "This is what we've been working on"

  3. Quote Originally Posted by schwellington View Post
    sorry! Shoulda wrote my final review- been SO busy with school and work as school is coming to an end, and work is picking up haven't had time- forgot all about it lol

    here is my thoughts

    increase of sweating in target area- 8/10- good here
    drawing out of water in target area- 10/10- excellent here
    ease of application- 7/10- some of the product would spill out, i think if you guys put it in a squirt bottle like the formastanozol was in would be better.- but still decent score here
    so out of 30 points it gets a 25 pretty damn good

    Schwell, is this something you will continue to do? Did it make a huge difference for you. Thank you..I have been thinking about using this thimocase without the clen on my abs. I need all the help I can get..SJ



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