Never coming "off" clen.

  1. Never coming "off" clen.

    I'm not talking about when you cycle clen and inscrease then decrease the doses or anything. When i take clen my workouts are a lot more intense and i can lift a lot more and have a lot more energy. I work out like 4 times a week, i was wondering if i could pop just like a 10 (dunno if it's mg, don't think it is, but whatever it is) of clen and then have a good workout, and then pop another one before my next workout.

    Since the dosage is pretty low, and you're not increasing it, also you're not taking it everyday, would something like this be okay? or is it better not to. thanx.

  2. I know people do this with ECA all the time but since the half-life of Clen is so long I'm not sure what the effects would be. Not sure about this one.
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  3. how long is the half-life bro?

  4. 36 hours if I remember correctly.

    EDIT: Found it. Its 34 hours.

    [Oral tocolytic therapy with clenbuterol--clinical facts]

    [Article in German]

    Meinen K, Rahn M, Hermer M, Rominger KL, Kanitz T.

    Geburtshilflich-Gynakologische Abteilung, St. Lukas Klinik Solingen.

    Clenbuterol is a betamimetic agent with a marked effect on the adrenergic beta-2-receptors relevant for tocolysis. The influence on beta-1-receptors of the heart, resulting in cardiovascular side effects is far less. The substance is resorbed almost completely enterally and has a half-life of 34 hours. Consequently, ingestion intervals of 12 hours are possible, resulting in a good acceptance of the tocolytic, therapy and a noticeable improvement of the patients compliance. Clenbuterol was applied in 37 cases in the course of a clinical test. Initially, the dose was 0.04 mg b.i.d., after 24 hours 0.02 mg b.i.d. In cases of cervix-effective, premature labor, an objectively measureable tocolytic effect was achieved. Subjectively reported side effects, i.e. palpation, tachycardia and tremor, were noticeably weaker than under fenoterol therapy. There was no indication of clenbuterol-related cardiotoxicity regarding continuous measurement of heart-specific enzymes, i.e. CK-MB and serum myoglobin. No pathologic alterations were found in the EKGs. Therefore, regarding indications and contraindications for beta-adrenergic agents, clenbuterol appears to have good tocolytic properties, with the advantages of less cardiac side effects, better compliance and a better dose-effect-ratio compared with the common oral tocolysis with fenoterol.

    PMID: 3188600 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]
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  5. I do not thik this is a wise decision. Long term clen usage in horses has shown to cause cardiac problems, while this is at high dosages i would not want to risk it. Also clen loses its effectiveness at buring fat after roughly 18 days so if fat loss i part of your reasoning for doing this then not worth it.. If you need the extra energy boost I would suggest an ECA. Another option for an energy boost/rush is Niacin and honey.

  6. bump on what size said , anyway , u r much better of with ephedra and caffine combo , can be used for quite long effectively and since both work through the same mechanism , shouldnt be that big a problem . now if ure so bent on using clen thro out , make sure u use 2-3 mg of ketotifene all the time when ure on it .

  7. bump on honey pre workout.

  8. this thread is from like a year and a half ago theseus....heh

    Oh how my knowledge has progressed since then.

  9. What, honey?? Am I missing out on something here? Also, would it be better to just eat a hand full of bee's? I'd bet that'd wake you up...

    Seriously though....??

  10. Quote Originally Posted by JonBlaze639
    this thread is from like a year and a half ago theseus....heh

    Oh how my knowledge has progressed since then.
    You might concider dexadrine, about 10-15mg, before the workout. Excellent focus and intensity. Second best is a good, not cheap, korean ginseng extract. Kick ass for endurace, 1 hr workouts turn into 2 hr workouts, I love the combo. The beta2's are cardiotoxic but just try to do everything else right when you use them. And clen is measured in micg.

  11. lol.. it is good that we are finding the old posts again..

  12. what the hell? where did that come from...

  13. What about Yohimbine HCL to prolong its effects?Stated in

  14. how about using like 200mg of caffeine before your workout while using clen? think that would be an ok scenario????


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