I am thinking about starting a sus/winny cycle soon but had a few questions.
But first
I am 21 5'7 170lbs. This will be my second steroid cycle, my first was just test cyp. I have a great diet (going to school to be a dietician so i got my **** down ha). Been training hard for 5 years now. All I ask is for no one to bash me about my age. I know what I have gotten myself into, I did my research and this is my choice...thanks

I just had a few questions about the cycle.

1.Should I add EQ?
2. How should I set up my cycle and dosages? (I have seen many different variations of how people run the cycle)
3. How long? (seen people fun it for 8 weeks to 16 weeks.
4. dosage for post cycle (plan on using hcg/nova)
5. tabs or injections for winny

Any input on this is greatly appreciated.