Hey guys, so I am on a cycle thats e3d or twice a week, with d-bol(liquid) daily. I have a vacation coming up soon, and I have a few questions, any help with any of them will be much appreciated:

1. First off, in my reading it's telling me 2 times a week, is it better to do e3d to keep it even, or 2x per week? (mon, Thursday)
2. When I have to leave for the trip, if I do a shot early(right before I leave) and 3 days later, is that ok, or is it crucial to stick to even regimens for my blood levels?
3.what do I do about my daily dbol? I am only going to have carry ons since it's a short trip and I'm scared of the risk of getting arrested at the security checkpoint.
This is stressing me out, and I've searched everywhere with nothing conclusive or helpful...thanks in advance for any tips vets.