When do you personally draw the line on side effects?

  1. When do you personally draw the line on side effects?

    I'm interested in knowing when/where most guys "draw the line" on side effects from AAS/PH, and say "the gains aren't worth the pains".

    I'm considering mega-dosing Tren dienelone( the PH) again this summer for a hard, lean gain. However, the last time I did that, I got a progestin induced small gyno lump, my hair started falling out(I have plenty), my libido tanked bad, and I became the road rage poster child 24/7!!

    I was rock hard, but I'm not sure it's worth it....

  2. IMO as long as you know what your getting into and can handle it for a few weeks, go for it. I had a bad time my first SD cycle but I knew what to expect the second time so it wasn't as bad. Also, have all the support supps on standby so you can counter the gyno and libido. Just channel the anger to the gym and let it rage lol
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  3. Never.

    Lol unless you get deca ****/liver failure/stroke.
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  4. Pains in my sides made me quit an old methylated DS back before the 1st ban. If I ever started getting chest pains id stop.
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  5. sides out weigh gains, when you can't function in life....only time i've been close to stopping was first time on superdrol....just the lethargy was affecting work and it kinda sucked...plus i haden't gone without coffee like that before in like 2 years
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  6. It depends on how much longer I have on cycle, and how severe the sides are.

    This is a question I cant really answer, but it'd have to be pretty severe for me to call it quits and jump into pct/support supps.

  7. Im out as soon as I start noticing any shedding, cant lose the locks. I have a weird shaped head and wont look to good with a shaved head lol.

  8. I can tolerate the moderate stuff(libido/lethargy/sleep) but if there gets to be serious in the health department i will stop.

  9. A lot of sides are dose dependant, so instead of dropping the cycle all together sometimes just lowering the dose is all you need.

    I remember my joints screaming at me on EPI, but lowered my dose a little and was fine
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  10. Pretty much never. Methadrol extreme almost made me quit because of lethargy and gyno lol

  11. i probably have a point where i draw the line, but i've never been there yet. as long as i feel that time and PCT will heal the sides, i fight thru


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