1. Ment

    I was reading an article on msnbc and it was mentioned, just curious if it's been around but called something else.

  2. No, ment is still in the research phase, and isn't commertially available. The only place it could possibly be found is from a powder source.

  3. It's been going through all the clinicals and validation for years, all the new ones do, for a male BC method. It's been around for awhile though. Very suppresive anabolic, with lower andogenic effects than what's currently available. Prostate friendly if you will.
  4. MENT Used as a Male Contraceptive

    I know I am new to the forum, but I am a research biochemist by trade, and employed at a very large biotech firm in the US. MENT is currently being researched in order to find a slow release/long-term male-sterilization reagent....aka "birth control pill" for men. I know that deca can shut down spermatogenesis, so I assume that MENT would have similar effects in similar regions (ignoring of course the anabolic/androgenic "side effects") over the long run, e.g. with slow release polymer encapsulated MENT.

    In the short term, would MENT have the side effects of deca, but if used long-term would it result in a cessation of spermatogenesis? Basically, if used in the long-run would you become sterile, until you removed the implant or it was no longer effective?

    Research has an agenda, and of course is always biased. What I want to know is this...has anyone tried MENT (yes you can buy the powder very easily), and if so what side effects have they had using the substance?

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