clen 2weeks on 1 off 2 on :help: please

  1. clen 2weeks on 1 off 2 on :help: please

    ive been hearing about the usual 2on 2off method ive lost 10 lbs so im training pretty hard but on my weeks off ive been running anthistamines at 75mg for the whole week you think my beta 2 receptors are up for another 2 weeks?? please answer today, cus if not im just gonna have to do 2 on 1 off without your guys advice!


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    Haha, settle down

    You should be fine to jump back on. Just base how your body responds in terms of feel and sides. If you don't feel anything at all, then I'd recommend scrapping it and breaking for another week while continuing to take your antihistamine (I've always seen it at 50mg, though).
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  3. Sweet train about to take the dose right now and thanks bro. I heard the 75 mg from a bodybuilder friend of mine he takes 50-100

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