back in the gym after a break. would appreciate anabolic use suggestions

  1. Cool back in the gym after a break. would appreciate anabolic use suggestions

    its good to be back on this board. it seems like forever since ive started a thread. anyone some background on me. im 30 years old now, been training seriously since 1999 but ive taken alot of breaks due to heroin addiction, prison etc. anyway, i got my life together went to school for personal training in 04 and since then ive been training on and off. i started training SERIOUSLY again exactly 1 month ago yesterday. im up from 183 on the 12th to 196.6 as of today after my workout. not bad eh??

    my training routine is a modified 5X5 program focused on strength and adding weight every workout. its working very well. but this isnt the right place for training but i just wanted to give some background before i asked my questions.

    ive also done about 8 cycles give or take 1 or 2. my last cycle was 13 months ago and for the life of me i cant remember what it was and thats rare for me. anyway, it was a short 3 week cycle and i got up to 220ish but stopped training seriously etc etc.. so my point is, for the most part my receptors are pretty fresh. besides the short one last year, i did most of my cycles back around 05-07. a couple methyl 1 test cycles which were AWESOME, some 4ad/1ad transdermal cycles 1 superdrol i think and then combinations of those previously listed. always took decent PCT like nolv or clomid. its been so long i cant remember specifics...

    anyway, i would like to start another cycle at the earliest a month or so from now probably later when i start to plateau. i have on hand a bottle of 1-T tren by primordial performance that i got back in late 09. its a fancy limited edition from -1/04/2010 if anyone remembers it. it was only sold for a short time. it has the liqua-vade technology and it contains 10-norandrosta-4,9-diene-3,17-dione (99% pure estra-4,9-diene-3,17-dione).. now im not very familiar with this compound. i also have a bottle of Post Cycle support by Anabolic Innovations. (trans-resveratrol, quercetin, epimedium, and piperone)

    thats what i have on hand right now. my goal is to increase strength and lean muscle gains as much as possible (duh). before i forget, im almost 6 3 and as of today im 196.6 probably around 15% BF. my goal is to add more muslce and strength and getting rid of some fat would be awesome but its not my MAIN goal.

    now ive been doing research for the past couple days and found a couple things that may benefit me such as a superdrol clone like M-drol or Methyl-1D and D-aspartic acid. there is alot of new supps out now and they all claim the same thing generally speaking. i would like some advice of what would be a good supplement to STACK with the 1 t tren i already have or if thats a bad idea all together. i could find much on stacking the 1 t tren with the methyl 1 d or the mdrol..

    also, i would appreciate some direction on what brands to buy, specifically. there are tons of brands and ive only used a few so i dont have much recent experience to draw from. also, im wondering if the D-aspartic acid would work well ON the cycle or just for PCT to raise my test levels. im not sure what is the best way to use it..

    well thats about it. i know i may be asking alot and im sure some of you will think "do your research,., use the search button etc etc" and i have done that but i would like YOUR opinions because i respect the people on this site. ive been around since the GOTFINA days and have learned alot and im very thankful for that. i feel kinda bombarded with so many brands carrying the same product all boasting the same results. i want to know from YOUR personal experience what brands worked better and pricing as well..

    i hope this post isnt too long, in the wrong place, or asking for too much.. ive been away from this site for too long and since i started training again i feel AWESOME and this site and the old one is sort of my roots of PH's and knowledge of hormones and all that jazz...

    if posting specific links to websites or certain products is not allowed i would appreciate a PM..

    once again, thank you for reading this and i thank anyone who replies and tries to help...

    thank you in advance..all replies are appreciated!!!!!!

  2. A lot of guys on our home board have experience with our 1-t tren product. I'd suggest you hop on there and let your question fly, there are a TON of guys there and your post has almost no chance of dropping off the first page.
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  3. good to be back. id bang it out naturally for a while. at 30 you got all the time in the world. no need to rush it and hurt those tendons and ligaments that arent ready for aas/ph type strength gains yet. thats the best advice i can give you. im not saying dont do them just wait a bit. your joints will thank you.

  4. i do plan on waiting. i know my body very well and ive already abused it too much. i wont attempt another cycle for at least 3 months probably more like 5. i just like to plan my cycles in advance and make sure i get what i need. good PH's/steroids have a habit of becoming discontinued as we all know. and with the recent discontinuation of CEL's M-drol, it makes me nervous.

    im not saying im going to jump in and start a cycle tomorrow, i just like to plan in advance so i have plenty of time to change , add, or remove something. i think thats the best way.
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  5. dimethazine



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