Help! About to start test e

  1. Help! About to start test e

    Im 106 kg, 5 ft 8 and i play rugby league. I have just got the 200mg/10ml Test E. I have been working out playing rugby league, gym and touch for 5 years now and still not much difference.
    I have been to instructors and to diet specialist and they are not sure why.
    I want to gain some muscle but most of all i want to become very Ripped and have heaps of endurance. Must still keep flexible though. I will want abs.
    My Exersise:
    Mon - Gym
    Tue - Rugby training, sometime touch aswell
    Wed - Touch, 1-4 games depending on how many games Gym
    Thur - Rugby Training
    Fri - Gym
    Sat - Play Rugby League
    Sun - Rest
    Bench : 110kg
    Leg Press : 340kg

    Can anyone advise me on what i should do.
    Anyones Advice is helpful
    Thank you

  2. 97 responses 0 comments ...... crap
    as well i dont want to get gyno (bitch tits)
    how can i make sure i dont get them.

  3. Are you planning on doing 200mg/week? If so that won't do shizzle

    You want to gain muscle, but your are 5'8" inches but over 230lbs, that is pretty big

  4. Im not a pro on this, but being that Im on week 11 test e, Ive figured a few things out.
    !. warm up well before lifting, stretch after you lift. This will reduce chances of injury, as the explosive weight gain from juice is gonna stress your ligs and joints.
    2. Slowely up your calories each week. Say if your baseline is 2500 calories, then start by adding 500 for a week and then continue as such.
    3. Eat clean!!! Now you dont have to be obsessed with this, but realize that if you eat crap you'll look like crap. Sodium will bloat you so watch it!
    4. There are 2 schools of thought on A.I.'s...Some say use if from beggining, others say Have an A.I. on hand, Arimidex or letro(strongest) and only use if you experience gyno symptoms. I went with the 2nd and am fine.
    5. Use the mirror as a sign of progress, the scale with just F with your head...If you start looking chubby, add cardio or restrict diet...

  5. Also, as stated, 200 a week isnt gonna give you the results desired...I would get another and run it 400-500 a week...If your gonna do this, do it right! research, research, research and plan everything out

  6. I see a leg press and bench max, but where's the max on squats and deads? What is your nutrition plan for this cycle? What will you be doing in the gym (lifts, sets, rep range)?
    M.Ed. Ex Phys

  7. Im only doing 200ml because i am already a big lad and i just want to get a bit bigger and mainly trim up. I do alot of cardio already i just want to get some strength behind it all. I take dead lifts and Squad Very softley because i have some knee troubles. I mainly want to get abs and ill focus most of my efforts on working on that. i have not yet got a set lefts, reps, sets plan . Can u suggest some ? Should i take 400 a week then i dont want to over due it this is my very first cycle ever.


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