Hey guys im new to the forums and this is my first post. I have been reading a lot and am on the quest to lose 30-40 pounds over this next summer. Before I start I want to say that I have experience in Powerlifting and am not shy around weights and exercise in general. I used to weigh in at about 190 but during the last couple of years i have neglected my body and have jumped up to 230. I am 6'1 and really want to drop down to 200-190 again over the summer break. I understand its going to take a lot of work and extreme diet but im willing to do that. So anyway I have been researching on this site and others about clenbuterol and I was just wondering if it would aid me much in my quest this summer? Also, I have never experienced ordering these kinds of things and I want to know of any consequences for purchasing them if they were to be stopped at customs through an online order. I have done my homework on all the cycles for clen so i dont have any questions on that but i just would like to know what kind of results i could expect from adding it into my work out and diet this summer and consequences for purchasing them. Also if anyone has any other suggestions for ways to help me shed the pounds faster i am open. My workout will be this

5 days a week

Workout 1 hour a day
switching between

cycle 30 min a day

swim 1 hour a day

Anyway any input would be great. thanks for the help