Question regarding Usnic Acid/Uncouplers and PH

  1. Question regarding Usnic Acid/Uncouplers and PH

    It seems counter-intuitive to me, but perhaps someone could explain it to me in detail: Would it be a bad idea to start on a PH cycle while in the middle of a UA cycle? I have a feeling it would be, but I'm not exactly sure why.. Could someone explain the "why" or alternately the "why not"... ?

  2. If its a methyl ph I would definitely not do it.

  3. Right then.. how 'bout non-methyl PH ?

  4. I'm not too well-versed on this, but I'll give it a try.

    I know methyl ph's are very stressful on the liver. (You shouldn't stack 2 methyl's together for this reason, as well as their reaction to each other is not known yet).

    I believe UA is also very stressful on the liver.

    Hmm... that doesn't answer your question, but it's all I got.

  5. right, how about NON-methylated prohormones? Transdermal, injectable, etc... ?

  6. I've run usnic while on a 1-test/4ad cycle with no problems.

    Definitely don't run it with anything methylated, don't drink while on it, & stay away from tylenol, ect.

  7. even un-methylated PHs stress the liver slightly. its better to do the usnic acid cycle, then cycle the PH you want.
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  8. That is the main concern is how toxic UA is to the liver while using other toxic compounds, just be careful.


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