Proposed Cycle - Help!

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    Proposed Cycle - Help!

    This will be my third PH cycle, no AAS experience. First cycle was Super 1+ (4 weeks) and second was M1T (2 weeks). I've been off ph's for almost a year now and am ready to start a new cycle.

    Stats: 5'8" 187 lbs, ~11% bf

    Diet: ~3000-3500 cals a day, 40/40/20

    Supplementation: Multi Vit, ON Protein, Prolab L-Glutamine, WILL ADD FLAX SEED OIL DURING CYCLE

    Age: 21 (22 in a couple months) - young but have been lifting since 15- starting weight@ 5'8" 115lbs, so don't wanna hear it!

    Goal: Bulk (lean gains but can afford bloat as well as increase in bf)

    PCT: Nolva with the "traditional" dosages post cycle and on hand if nips become sore.

    OK, so here goes....I will definitely be using 300mg/day 4ad and 300mg/day 1test (transdermals) for 6 wks...but want to add another compound in there.

    M4OHN (6wks - still deciding on the dosage)
    M1,4ADD (Wks 1-4 - start at 30mg and work my way up)
    1,4Andro (Transdermal 6 wks - looking at 300-450mg/day)

    Reasons for these compounds:
    M4OHN is a synergistic compound and hopefully it'll help increase the anabolic activity with the 1test and 4ad.

    M1,4ADD is comparable to dianabol. 4ad comparable to test. 1test is 1 test. This will give me a similar cycle to the bread and butter steriod cycle of deca, dbol and test. Although 19-nor would be used instead of 1test, but want to keep the 1test there b/c I have it.

    1,4 andro will be in a trans because I beleive it works better from word of mouth and persuation that the compound in a transdermal has a sustained release. and not to mention its a cheaper route (i don't mind putting on 3 compounds transdermally). THis compound is also a synergistic compound that would be excellent to stack with 4ad/1test.

    So what do you all think? 1test/4ad with M4OHN, M1,4ADD, or 1,4andro?

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    m14add, do more like 60mg ed+
    i think another guy did a cycle just like that and had great gains. check the cycle info section
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    I'm on 19nor w/ M4OHN and it's not that synergistic. I going to switch it to a 1-test cyp, test trans, M4OHN stack and see what happens starting tom. I thought the Nor would be a good partner too, but it just isn't helping much. I've done trans 1,4-andro/1-t before and liked it. The m14 works very well w/ m1t, but that's all I've tried it with (you have to wisper around here about oral stacks, cause people no likey the 2 methyl concept! Shhhhh.)

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