BoldoJect (Equipoise) and Dbol Cycle!!

  1. BoldoJect (Equipoise) and Dbol Cycle!!

    I plan on doing

    dbol 1-4 weeks 20mg
    boldoject (equipoise) 1-10 weeks 200mg (once every week)
    nolvadex 12-14 weeks

    any thoughts?

  2. Any research at all will show that cycle sucks, sorry bro

  3. whats wrong with it

  4. Quote Originally Posted by haroldkumar19 View Post
    whats wrong with it
    The "wrongs" about this cycle are the chosen compounds, the dosages, the duration, the PCT, pretty much everything(not bashing, don't get me wrong)

    On the other hand even if the cycle was grat structure-wise, i can see you are only 160 lbs at 6,1. Unfortunately i would advice you to not use AAS in your current state, because you don't fulfil basic requirements. IMHO the "problem" about your small frame(size-wise) probably lies on your diet or training regime or pretty much both
    All information provided by me is for research & entertainment purposes only.
    REP ME !!!

  5. Dbol dose is low, Equipoise dose is semi low you could run 400mg each week.. Last but not least, No test base. Pct I'd run Clomid /Nolva first 2 weeks, Clomid dosed at 50mg/ Nolva dosed at 40mg then quit the Clomid and continue the 20mg last 2 weeks with Nolva. also when he said your pct is off cause you only posted taking pct for 2 weeks...



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