pct recommendations for :TEST E, DECA, DBOL, PROVIRON

  1. pct recommendations for :TEST E, DECA, DBOL, PROVIRON

    hello to every one !! I need to get my pct in check before i jump on this cycle next month : please advise me .!! i though that clomid , nolva and hcg were fine for pct but after reading some threads im beginig t change my mind a bit---

    ** Im 33yrs old , 195lbs , 6ft , eat very clean ,7 meals per day bf 12.5 %
    have been working out hard and steady for the past 4 yrs. this will be my
    2nd test cycle , prior to this I've done 10wks test e /dbol plus a couple of prohormones..!! 2 yrs ago.
    cycle 16 weeks
    -1--16 weeks 600 mg test E
    -1--14 weeks 300 mg deca
    -1--4 weeks 20 mg dbol (to kick start cycle)
    -1-8 wks 50 mg proviron as an AI , after 8th wk will take unleashed
    notes : will be taking dostinex as antiprgesteronic through out (deca sides)
    hcg after 5th wk 250 iu twice p week upto pct
    pct options #1
    --clomid 4weeks 300/100/100/100
    --nolvadex 4weeks 40/40/20/20
    --Hcg 1000iu
    pct option 2
    --Hcgenerate or hcg to kickstart Hpta
    --unleashed to lower shbg and incdrease test production
    --forma- stanzol
    --liver detox

    please give me some input or feel free to flame me



  2. 300 mg of clomid will make you feel like you have tits and a skirt.

    100/50/50/50/50/25 the 1st 2 days dose 200mg than drop down
    unleashed/post cycle

  3. First of all Proviron's slight AI proporties cannot substitute and AI, so i suggest you to switch it with an AI like Arimidex/Aromasin.

    Example 1:
    Weeks 1-18 --> Arimidex 0,50mg EOD

    Example 2:
    Weeks 1-18 --> Aromasin 12,5mg ED

    Example 1:
    Weeks 1-4 --> Clomid 100 | 75 | 50 | 25 mg ED
    Weeks 1-4 --> Nolva 40 | 30 | 20 | 10 mg ED

    Example 2:
    Weeks 1-4 --> Clomid 100 | 50 | 50 | 25 mg ED
    Weeks 1-4 --> Nolva 40 | 20 | 20 | 10 mg ED

    1) One good Test booster along with PCT will help.
    2) 1 cycle and a couple of prohormones and you are still 195 lbs ? Don't get me wrong i'm not bashing or makin' fun of you but i believe you maybe doing something wrong...
    3) You can stretch the use of d-bol to 6-8 weeks if you want.
    4) Don't use Unleash or any Test booster during the cycle.
    5) Do not start using Dostinex if you do not get sides, just have it in hand.
    6) I suggest HCG at 250 IU 2 times/week, at weeks 12-18. Generally in the future, try to limit HCG use at 6-10 weeks during cycle and never along with PCT(because you simply cancelling it).
    7) You could still grow at lower doses T: D at 500:250 if you want.
    All information provided by me is for research & entertainment purposes only.
    REP ME !!!

  4. thanks Gym Rat and Yaz..

    the ph were mostly for strenght purposes, Now Im looking into packing 20lbs !!
    I prefered arimidex or aromasin like you suggested but had the proviron already but I will look into getting some aromasinor arimidex, my hook up at the pharmacy is charging me a lot for it !! and im not a fan of research chemicals !! thanks a lot guys..
    *** i have enough gear for 20wks but dont want to push it..

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