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  1. Taking the Plunge

    Hi all,

    this is my first post so nice to meet you all & hope you don't mind me asking for a bit of advice right off the bat. I'm about to start my first course of Chaparral Labs Trenavol - V (Estra-4,9 diene-3,17 dione ) as part of a cutting cycle and wondered if I could pick your brains on certain aspects.

    I've been training on and off for 20 years (although far more off than on over the last 10!) and when I started aged 19 I was an extreme ectomorph – with virtually no bodyfat except around the waist. Over the years I've built up a fairly respectable physique – even doing some work as a fitness model, but despite strenuous attempts I've never managed to completely shift the fat so have always had sub-par abs. At the ripe old age of 39 I suspect it'll soon be now or never if I'm ever to get the fabled six pack and I've been working for months towards a holiday in 3 weeks.
    I've usually trained on a high-carb,low-fat diet mixing in various different types of cardio and using eca from time to time, and have recently switched to a ketogenic diet in which I do a 3 day split routine, and 1-2 days of cardio (including HIIT) and use creatine daily and ephedrine less frequently. Unfortunately, my body just doesn't want to play ball – I am losing fat but with my body type muscle loss is the inevitable by-product, and it's become clear that “natural” training alone isn't going to cut it.

    After doing a few months of research I picked Tren as being the most appropriate for my needs. I'm seeking to cut while maintaining or hopefully even building lean muscle, and I start the course in a couple of days for a three week cycle. I'm using 120mg/day with a course of Clomid as PCT starting 3 days after my last dose; but still have a couple of questions I'd really appreciate some help with.

    As regards my training should I seek to increase the frequency or intensity of my training (or both?). Also as regards PCT is Clomid the most best method and, is anyone aware what dosage would be appropriate? Lastly, as regards the Clomid I discovered this morning my supplier has let me down so I'm in the process of ordering some over the Net. Hopefully this wont be a problem, but if the worst case scenario occurs and it doesn't arrive in time could I instead seek to extend my course of Tren by a few days by using a dose that tapers to nothing while my natural Test production resumes?

    Lastly, just in case it's relevant info, I did a short course of injectable Deca about 10 years ago – unfortunately I was unable to train much because of various reasons but I didn't get any adverse reactions of any kind.

    Thanks loads in advance for any advice offered & apologies if this reads a bit longer than the Old Testament.
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    Welcome to AM, bro.

    You should be fine picking up your clomid online; just search for a place that doesn't keep you waiting very long in regards to shipping.

    If you wouldn't mind, lay out your training in a format something like this:


    blah blah blah lifting (time of day / reps & sets, etc.)
    blah blah blah cardio (time of day / duration)

    If you do something like that, it'll be much easier to interpret if increasing volume or days in the gym or whatever will be beneficial.

    In regards to your keto diet, are you keeping track of specific calories and macros? If you aren't, you should - it made all the difference for me. I've had great success with a ketogenic diet. I also choose to use a nutrient repartitioner for my refeeds and it's helped immensely, too.

    Let's get this thing laid out nicely for you.
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  3. Hi, welcome to AM.

    why 3 days following Last dose? should be the day after last dose. Dont think tapering down will help that much since PCT normally is successful over 4 weeks. how long will the tapering down be.

    BUT getting a SERM online shouldn't be a problem, and hopefully you won't have to use your taper method.

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