Clen and Zaditen/Ketotifen?

  1. Clen and Zaditen/Ketotifen?

    Anyone here ever try this combo so they could run clen w/o having to come off after about 18 days?

    Is this a bad idea? Too stressful on the body or a good addition to a cutting cycle?

  2. I've tried adding about 20mg Yohimbine HCL about an hour or two before taking clen around the 2 week mark. Besides shaking ridiculously, sweating like a pig, and breathing really weird for a couple hours after, I'd say it's a great idea. Take into consideration that if you build up to 200mcg at around 2 weeks, you will definitely want to lower the dose of Clen once you add something like Yohimbine or Ketotifen. I figured this out the hard way.

  3. I've heard it's a good combo, which you can run for 6-8 weeks. The only problem ketotifen makes you very sleepy (it is Ok if you take it before going to bed), also it makes some people extremly hungry all the time (counter productive when trying to diet).

  4. It [ketotifen] regulates beta-2 receptors that clen down regulates. It is an antihistamine. When I used it, I normally took 3mg a day

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