blended about this one

  1. blended about this one

    I've read several posts here where people have commented on their dislike of blended esters, as they believe you get less "bang for the buck" or what not with a blended ester. I believe this was referring to sust, but how about this blend:

    20 mg test suspension
    100 mg test propionate
    115 mg test enanthate
    115 mg test cypionate

    so that's 350mg/ml and supposedly painless. 230mg of long acting esters with 120mg of test with a shorter half-life. If you took 600mg/week, that would be:

    34mg test suspension/week
    170mg prop/week
    198mg enanthate/week
    198mg cyp/week

    So my question is, with a blend like this, do you still believe you get less bang for your buck, than if you did a pure prop or a pure cyp cycle.

  2. personally, the reason I don't like blends is mainly due to the inability to control the dosage.. like some of the other meds I HAVE to take.. I usually like to have both in a seperate pill especially if it something I am just starting

  3. Ok, first off when people say less bang for the buck we are almost always referring to pre made vet or human grade gear and the cost difference between them. I have seen 1ml amp of Sustanon go for twice what the same people wanted for a the same in test e. Given that going with the sust is just dumb, there might be some benefits to using it but there not going to out weigh the ability to get twice as much for the same price. Especially when you can just run the test e with some prop and get the same effect. But if your making your own from powders then it is probably just as cheap as any other test. Then again you can make far better then Sustanon.

    The second thing is that Sustanon does not work as advertised, ether for the medical reasons or ours. As I recall it was based on the assumption that the short ester would kick in first and keep the blood levels even until the long esters. How any medical doctor believed this I don’t know as it is clearly wrong. The spike of any ester in an oil-based depot is around 12 to 18 hours. EQ, Deca, Test Cyp, Test Base, Test prop, it doesn’t matter. So if you were to plot the blood levels over time (I have seen one some ware, can’t find it. If anyone has it please post) you would see a curve caused by the short esters depleting them selves and falling back on the test deca. All this is really a mute point for us as we inject the stuff at least twice a week. From that standpoint there is little difference between using test cyp and Sustanon.

    Another reason here is the Phenyl Propionate, it is suppose to have a longer half-life of around 6 to 7 days, putting it in the middle of the Test Isocaproate (9 to 9.5 days) and the Test Propionate (4 to 5 days). The problem with this is that if we look at the actual clinical half life of Nandrolone Phenyl Propionate its not even close to that, if I recall correctly it was almost the same as propionate (maybe even less). There have no reason to think that the Test Phenyl Propionate will be any different. While this doesn’t actually change much it does get rid of the notion of “smooth blending of esters? This is another reason I am not over fond of Sustanon, that and mixing in an ester that 4 times as long as half of your mixture (the actual weight is 36%). Don’t get me wrong I like test deca, I think it should be used in any cycle that uses nand deca or EQ as it has a similar half-life. It just seams a little long compared to the others.

    As for the formula you gave I am not sure why the test base is in there. I would just drop it as it needs at least ever other day minimum to be effective. Other then that it looks fine. Not very even in terms of the half lives though. If you made that a 3 times a week injection or better then it wouldn’t matter (in difference to the prop).
    Here is one a friend of mine tried. A bit thick but no pain:

    For 100ml
    16.666grams of test iso
    16.666grams of test e
    16.666grams of test cyp
    3ml BA
    15ml BB
    around 42ml of oil

    One that I have made (I used fina instead of the test ace, same difference here, or should be, remember the adage about free advise)
    5grams test base
    10grams test ace or benzoate
    10grams test prop
    5ml BA
    15ml BB
    around 60ml of oil.

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