Ostarine for muscle injury?

  1. Ostarine for muscle injury?

    Its been 2 months since I injured my left shoulder (tear - anterior delt). Its getting better, but very slowly. Currently having Ultrasound therapy and doing PT sessions.

    Would Ostarine help speed up the healing process? Hopefully someone out there has experience of a similar situation.

    Its becoming unbearable having not lifted for so long and just doing cardio, slowly looking more and more like sh$t as I lose my gains and not being able to go to work, due to all the heavy lifting involved.

  2. How is your diet? To be honest, i think a surplus in cals will definitely help you with recovery. Take 5 fish oils and drink friggin 24 ounces milk right before bed and sleep 9 hours. Whenever i pull something, I remedy it in similar sort of way.

    Beyond that, Ostarine would probably help it. That sucks bro, sorry for your injury.

  3. im using ostarine in a pct right now , besides the fact that im keeping my gains but i had a partial tear of my bicep tendon . It feels nearly 100% again

  4. I have chronic quad tendonitis and I have some in my left elbow and left shoulder that just popped up. I've been on Osta five weeks and, although it's awesome stuff - it hasn't helped my tendonitis.

    Your milage may vary though.

  5. Thanks for the response. I still try to keep a decent diet, sleeping for as much as I can and doing cardio on the bike, which I fcukin hate.

    After reading youngguns555 comment, I'm defiantly going to give it a shot, physio sessions are burning a hole in my wallet at 30 a go, don't even fill like I have seen much more benefit.



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