D-plex: what is the sweet spot? 100mg or 75mg?

  1. D-plex: what is the sweet spot? 100mg or 75mg?

    Anyone Know what is the sweet spot for d-plex, is it 100, 75mgs? or higher?

  2. 4 me 100

  3. i would taper up and also taper down, it does have ai properties start at 75

  4. I wish there were more reviews on this product....half the people who tried it say its amazing, the other half say its a total waste of money.

    I was thinking of running it alongside test-prop and tren-ace instead of my winny. Thoughts?

  5. don't expect insane size gains , but it dries you up/ leans you up and boosts energy, i alway take two about an hour before the gym. Its almost like sd type of prework

  6. i have a bottle and will be logging it on the board soon

  7. I ran a dplex cycle and logged it on another forum.Gained zero pounds but all major lifts went up.6 week cycle first 2 weeks 75 then went 100,no real side little lethargy .My third week to fifth walked aroun with giant boner and killer libido day about 20 to around 30 was real killer section of cycle .When lethargy hits drag ur ass 2weights cause once u start lifting u will have great workout!


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