Are any of these supps worth bothering with if I already have H-drol?

  1. Are any of these supps worth bothering with if I already have H-drol?

    Hi. I can get all of these supps VERY cheap. One of each item.

    1: LG Trifecta Kit
    2: AMS Hormone Regulation Kit
    3: LG Anadraulic State GT
    4. LG Rezolution
    5: AMS Pump Fixx
    6: AMS Vapor XT
    7: LG IGH-1
    8: LG Ghenerate
    9: LG T-911
    10: LG Natadrol
    11: AN Black Cats
    12: AN Osteo-Sport
    13: AN Free Test

    The total value is about $480 and all I would have to pay is import tax which could be like $100 or so - the rest is free for me. Now, I'm wondering if it's even worth me getting them here to England or if I should sell them to a yank and avoid the import tax and the bother of trying to sell them once they arrive.

    I already have a couple of tubs of H-drol which I'll be using soon. Is there any way any of those supps will be of use to someone already using anabolics, or will they all be a laughable waste of money?


  2. they would be good for during off cycles.

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    Some of them wouldn't be a "waste" while on anabolics. I'd personally put them all in the stash; but that's just me.
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  4. if you are getting all of these for a 1/5 of the price then its a no brainer!

  5. aside from asking us "yanks" for advice, only thing that seems worth anything is the hormone regulation kit. Which could be ran along with something stronger, like sd, or m1t.
    The rest you could sell to someone.



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