7 weeks on Hdrol? second cycle

  1. 7 weeks on Hdrol? second cycle

    Hi all, this is my friends account so disregard age/weight etc. I am 24 206 lbs 6ft2 15%bf. My first hdrol cycle looked like 25/50/50/75/100mgs a week. This time i intend to run 25/50/50/75/100/100/100, with added p plex starting at second week 20/30/40/40. Any thoughts on running hdrol for 7 weeks, and how does this look to all of ya, any feedback is appreciated. Also i hurt my rotator cuff about 2 months ago and have not recovered, i went to the docs recently and am taking one month off of lifting completely before my cycle, this is why i want to start at 25mgs a week to hopefully help repair my cuff before i go heavy.


  2. Wait until your injury is fully recovered and then run either P-plex or H-Drol, not both together.

    I say run H-drol again at 6 weeks 50/75/75/75/75/75.

    Research some more

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