Alright, amount of test for cyle #2....more, prolly?

  1. Alright, amount of test for cyle #2....more, prolly?

    This past cycle (last pin fri, 2 weeks til PCT) I bumped up Test E to 600/week to combat Deca 300/week....anyway, if I run test E again, would I hafta do say 750 to notice, or could I go back to 500?

    I started at 500 til stupid deca dik, so then I did the 600 to have 2x the test as I did deca...

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  2. You can still do 500 on your next cycle with good results.

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    I'd start at 500 again and just go from there.
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  4. 500 till week 7-8, 600-650 till the end of your cycle.

  5. Sweet....I was hoping I didn't hafta start taking more and more and more....Thanks!!
    True story:

    I give a f**K!!



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