Alpha T2/OxyElitePro/Erase with Tren+T3?

  1. Alpha T2/OxyElitePro/Erase with Tren+T3?

    Hey guys. Wasn't sure if this should be posted here or anabolics but since im currently on the uppliments I thought I'd try here. So currently i take oxy elite pro/erase/alpha t2 stack. Been using it solo for weight loss with only daa and a multi vitamin as my other suppliments. I have recently purchised Tren-E 200 and a supply of t3 25mcg. Although I'm pretty sure with the normal dosages and such, I'm wondering if I should discontinue the use of any of the other suppliments so I don't have and adverse reactions or wether the oxy stack is ok to continue with. Also if the erase should be discontinued till after the cycle?

    Health info: I was 170lbs in great shape in college. Since then ballooned up to 280. currently at 225. I have gained a ton of muscle since then as well. I benched somthing like 135 then and now bench 275 x3, 225 for sets. Bicep curles 115, triceps the same. So I'm actually very muscular now (in comparison to my old self, not necceserly to everyone on here) arms, chest, back, etc im very happy with, though always like a little more, but still have at least 20lbs belly fat to drop. My scale I have says I'm at 29% body fat but I find that a challenge to believe as I'm cut everywhere but my belly, including upper abs. Thanks again for any help.

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    You're definitely not going to want to run the Alpha T2 and T3 together as it would just simply be wasting the T2. I'd ask what your nutrition looks like before suggesting you do anything else, but from a purely "giving you advice on the supplemental side" stance; you could continue running Erase along with the T3 and tren, but I'd drop the OEP as well.

    Just be very cautious and do plenty of research on T3 before jumping into it.
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  3. my nutrition looks like it came out of a text book. I am religous with it. Protien bars and drinks, skinless chicken, vegies and fruit. Pretty much it ever. The alpha t2 is the supp version from the store here, the t3 is the thyroid steroid. not sure if that matters any further.

  4. Not going to run clen btw. Tried adipex and had some unwanted side effects (not the fun kind for a male) so decided against it incase its version of epinephrine was similar so I thought the oxy may be its replacment.

  5. You need some test bro. You ll need it with tren and the t3. Wait a bit til you start the t3 you want your body to be extremly anabolic so you don't waste muscle

  6. Ya i checked out a bunch of different stacks. Most seemed to also advocate test but the ones that seemd pure gear to cut muscle and burn fat were t3/clen/tren-e. so i ordered that minus the clen, for the reason of adipex issues. no idea if clen aslo does, but not wanting to find out if it does. Is test an absolute must. Im on a diet of only around 1200-1500 calories, where ive been for about 2 months now. Still showing gains of muscle, almost all protien. primary, well only thing, i care about is droping this weight so i can show my gains. huge abs coered by fat, hardly sexy. After it's all gone, next time be a bulk cycle.

  7. While I am at it and soliciting advice. I notice the gentelmen saying perhaps my research in t3 was lax. If you have advice on cycling and doses feel free to post that as well. For Tren im looking to do 200 every other day, for t3 im not sure if i should surpass the 25 a day, or how long to stay on it total.
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    I wasn't trying to suggest you hadn't researched T3 enough; just making sure that you had (since it wasn't mentioned). Unfortunately, around here, you'll see a lot of people who are ready to just jump into things because they want the end result but they don't understand how a compound works and what they're putting into their body.

    Is the tren you're mentioning legit, injectable tren? I assumed it was just another pro-hormone product after first read, but after going back, it sounds like you might be talking about the real deal. Test wouldn't be necessary if you were running tren. The big thing people bring up is running an anabolic along with the T3 to ensure that you don't eat up muscle.

    1200-1500 calories sounds far too low, to be gaining muscle, though. Do you have any experience with past steroid cycles? If you don't, I wouldn't recommend jumping into tren (or T3, for that matter). And as for dosing; if you read up around other threads, you can probably find a better answer on that regarding tren. As far as T3 is concerned, you'll never see a standard amount - everyone varies in their opinions of that compound.
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  9. Please don't misread, wasn't trying to sound combative at all. Deffinitly not trying to say I know more then you or others on here. I value any reputable opinions. As for tren, we can't tell where it is from, but rest assured it is very reputable. A well known organization, and yes inj. The calories are very low. And some days I have to bump it because I feel the starvation at the end of a hard lifting day. I am not quite a rookie to all this, pro hormones I have done and I am in the medicine so research isn't to difficult. I realize the stack I'm suggesting has little benefit of gains. My main is to burn the rest of whats left of the pot belly look and finish the cut. My gains have slowed to a crawl, but still looking good. I really want to burn the rest hard and get to gaining after. Except for The stomach, rest looks really good but I do seem to have the weight hanging on there pretty hard.

  10. I did read the other threads btw. Tren seems to be pretty standard at 1ml of 200 every other day though I am considering starting at lower and building up. T3 is hard to search. That one seems to be start at 25, add another pill a week till 100. Idk about that. Probably do 25 longer, maybe cap at 50. I do not have the experience or lab values needed to have the proper knowledge and I can't exactly bring this perticular issue up with coworkers so I am hoping to get the valuable info I need from the community. Thanks for the assistance so far.

  11. Anyone else with info feel free to comment or suggest dosages, w/e. Im new to injectables, old to pro hormones, and very knowledgable in bio-chem and physiology. Any info is appreciated.


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