Opinions on my next cut cycle

  1. Opinions on my next cut cycle

    Weight: Aprox 200
    BF%: 10%
    Cycles ran: 1 AAS 2 PH

    Here is what I'm planning on doing: (8 week cutter, all inject)

    Week 1-8 Test Enanthate 500mg/week
    Week 1-4, 6-8 Tren Acetate 40mg/ed
    Week 4-8 Winny 50mg/ed

    PCT will be the standard Nolva/Clomid/Clen combo.

    I'm thinking I shouldn't need any anti-E for water retention as only Tren aromatizes heavily. I have read that winny is thought to have anti-E properties itself. I also do not want to lessen the effectivness of the AAS by using anti-E's.

    My objective with this cycle is to get as cut, hard, and striated as I can. Basicly contest prep. I have EQ and considered it in place of test E, but decided to go with the enan just because I already have it brewed up. I also have a good bit of anavar, but I can't see that I would need it.

    With all that said, please critique my plan and give me your input. Thanks in advance.

  2. too short IMO I would take it out to 10 min especially using test enth and run the tren out to 6 weeks..

  3. Bump what Matt D said. Extend it to at least 10weeks.
    Run the Tren for the first 6weeks. You may need to increase to 75mg ed if you dont get good results in the first 2-3 weeks.
    Run the Winny at 50mg ed or 75 eod from week 7-12.
    Start your PCT at the begiining of week13.

  4. Thanks guys. The reason I am considering 8 weeks is based on my past cut cycles. I went from 16% BF to 8% in 4 weeks last time (8 if ya count PCT). All I ran then was 1T/4AD. I figure with this stack and the same strict diet and cardio I should be able to get realy ripped. Another contributing factor is that I'm not very high on BF right now either.

  5. For a cutter, I would use test prop instead of test enanthate. With prop you'll hold less water, and it works beautifully with tren and winstrol. Inject 150mg eod.

  6. I agree with you on the anti-e's. I would use proviron before considering an anti-e.

  7. I did this as a cutter and lost tremendously well:

    weeks 1-12 test cyp @ 500mg weekly
    weeks 1-4 M1T @ 10mg daily (substitute for tren weeks 1-6 in your case)
    weeks 8-14 winny @ 50mg

    Shouldn't be much of a need for an anti-e unless you have estrogenic symptoms arising.

    Any way you do it, my thoughts are: enth or cyp are fine for a cut, just have to run longer than 8 weeks. Tren and winny...works like a charm, just run the winny 2 weeks past last test shot. Good luck but more importantly: keep that diet in check!!

  8. I agree that ten weeks would work out better:

    Week 1-10 500mg Test E
    Week 1-8 50mg/ED Tren A
    Week 8-12 Winny 50mg/ED

    Also add 200mg/ED B6 when running Tren.

    Don't run EQ in place of test, test is your friend and an EQ - Tren cycle would shut you down.


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