First cycle observations

  1. First cycle observations

    I'm 43 yrs and been training on and off for 20 yrs. Never done AAS before. I was too scared about the side effects.

    Now Im on my first cycle, Test Propionate, 300 mg/week (100mg three times per week). Im 2.5 weeks into the cycle. I'ts amazing what it does to me. Every time I go to the gym there is at least one exercise where I can beat my personal record. Before I couldn't even touch the 90 lbs dumbbells, now Im doing incline bench presses with them for 8 reps.

    Im constantly hungry, which is a bitch. I eat a real meal every three hours, and sometimes even that doesnt seem to be enough. Weirdly enough sometimes when my belly is full I still feel hungry.

    I also get forearm and lower back pumps really easy, which makes it harder to workout.

    The skin of my face and chest gets pretty greasy, and I was scared of acne so I started using Clearasil. Seems to do the job, I havent got any zits yet.

    Sometimes I get goosebumps for no reason. Not sure why.

    I cant feel anything around my nipples so I assume gyno is not going to be a problem. Im 235 lbs, 6'3, so assume 300mg test/week is a fairly low dose and wont cause much trouble. My cycle is planned at 10 weeks and then PCT with Nolvadex for 3 weeks.

    I had a bit of needle anxiety at first, but now I feel it is real easy. The needle runs into the glutes like a knife through hot butter. No pain, easy. I've also shot into my thigh, but that caused a lot of pain next few days. I might have done it slightly wrong though, hitting the outer part of Rectus Femoris. Next time I will target specifically for the Vastus Laterialis, so straight into the outer side of the thigh.

    I'm very happy so far, although I'm kind of mentally "bracing for impact" to see what side effects will show up later.


  2. Some more observations:

    Flexing my biceps it has always felt a bit soft, but now on the cycle it feels rock hard. It's like it has a hard on and it feels great.

    On the same subject, I havnt felt any increased interest in having sex, but when I have an erection it is a bit stronger. Never tried Viagra, so I dont know if it is comparable.

    The overall feeling is like being younger. I checked my test level before the cycle and it is right in the middle, but since natural test levels decline over the years I suppose I had a pretty high test level in my 20s.

    No signs of increased aggression. I just feel very relaxed. But then I never had any aggressive tendencies in my past.

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