So I plan on doing a cycle of protodrol soon. I've reached a plateau now for the past 6 months and it's been really discouraging. I've tried eating more and started taking Kre-alkalyn creatine about 6 weeks ago and I've gained 20 lbs., most of which was fat, and I still haven't seen any strength gains. I've actually lost strength. I thought the Kre-alkalyn would help show some decent strength gains, but I didn't get any from it. My muscles did feel "fuller" and I did gain some size, but nothing strength-wise. I think a reason for my plateau might be from stress and all the cortisol building up in my body.

So anyways, like I said, I plan on doing a cycle of protodrol to help me lose that fat and hopefully see some gains in strength. I took maybe half a bottle of it over a year ago, but that was before I did my research and knew what I was doing. I realized I was in over my head and stopped. I did see a nice increase in strength, though, even after just 3 weeks.

So I still have 3 and a half bottles left and plan on doing a 4 week cycle of it. Maybe 6 weeks depending on how I'm feeling. I don't want to go too overboard. I'll do 50/50/75/75.

For my cycle support I have:
MRM Liver x
Osteo Bi-flex
Fish Oil

I'm gonna take A scoop of casein protein and 2 tbsp. of chia pro at night time. And supplement with Lipotropic protein as my primary protein source.

My problem is my PCT. I have half a bottle of Reversitol and half a bottle of Formadrol Extreme. Would it be all right if I took Reversitol for 2 weeks and then the formadrol for 2 weeks for a pct or would that be bad? Would it be better to take the same pct for the full 4 weeks? If I were to do that should I add anything else to my PCT? I will also be taking HGH Complete with it, too.