best cycle to run between alpha one, halovar, d-plex?

  1. best cycle to run between alpha one, halovar, d-plex?

    I'm going to do one last push for bulking before I recomp in the spring/summer...for PHs I have Alpha One, D-Plex (both CEL), and Halovar (Purus). I'm definitely going to use the **, and probably save one bottle for a light summer cutting for bulking, what should I use with the Alpha One and how should I run it?

    thanks in advance

  2. alpha is kinda harsh so I would go with dplex personally how many cycles under ur belt if ur stacking alpha?

  3. Most peeps use the bottle within 3-4wks. So if your going 3wks your dosing one more cap per day. If you go 4wks youll be on 2 caps a day. Alpha one has a shorter half life (5-6.5hrs) so depending on when you workout youll take one cap am, one pre WO. Or one cap AM, than workout, and one 6-7hrs later.

    At 21yrs old I wouldnt fuk with ** but thats up to you. I am thinking your going to run it regardless of what people tell you so thats why i helping you. You FOR SURE need a SERM in PCT. Clomid/Nolva all day.

  4. At 21 yrs old hes gonna do whatever he wants lol but if hes never stacked anything or this is only second cycle just sayin wooww

  5. It'll be cycle number four, by the way...
    Anyway, I already have nolvadex ready for PCT, I was mostly wondering whether I should do the Alpha last and go straight to PCT or start with it and use the weaker compound to retain gains...thoughts?

  6. alpha one is not as strong as people say

  7. ask in the CEL section. I dont think their reps will say you can stack Alpha One with anything. Its not something id stack.


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