IHGM first cycle plan

  1. IHGM first cycle plan

    My goal here is to not gain any fat (possibly lose some) and gain some major mass in the 1st stage and then cut down while holding the lean mass in the 2nd stage. This is what I've come up with.

    Current Stats:
    Weight- 181lbs
    BF%- approx. 8.5% caliper

    Week 1-4 Transdermal 4AD 400mgs/day
    Week 2-4 M1T 20mgs/day
    Week 5-6 PCT Clomid and Nolva ---keep kcals fairly high
    Week 7-8 M1t 20mgs/day --------cut kcals slowly
    Week 7-10 1,4 Andro 800mgs/day
    Week 11-13 PCT Clomid/Nolva

    Some of you PH veterans have to let me know if this looks good. Should I take a break in week 5-6 or just drop the 4AD and M1T and add the 1,4 Andro for 4 weeks and THEN do PCT?

  2. I don't think many will recommend 1,4andro for anything less than 6 weeks if you want to get the benefits from it.

    I also think you would be better off splitting this into 2 completly seperate cycles. Do the 4AD w/M1T. Then do a FULL 4 week PCT. Then a week or two off (most would say more to be safe). THEN do a 6 week 1,4andro w/M1T cycle followed by another 4 week PCT.

    But hey, that's just me, I'm patient. If that isn't your style, then do the 1,4andro from the start when you start the 4AD, use the M1T for weeks 2-3. It should be pretty solid progress throughout from there on.


  3. That's sounds good too. I definitely want to do it the right way. I just don't want to be cutting in the winter. I thought that 4 weeks on the 1,4 andro was enough, but if 6 weeks is the norm, than maybe I should think about that.

  4. That's not "PCT" when it's 2 weeks, especially after those doses of m1t. If you want to be cut up for the summer, just do a 4-6 week cut cycle now, recover, then do a nice 6-8 week bulker in the winter. You'll have much better gains (quantity and quality) If you do it this way. Then you can cut again in the spring for summer

    -Saving random peoples' nuts, one pair at at time... PCT info:
    -Are you really ready for a cycle? Read this link and be honest:
    *I am not a medical expert, my opinions are not professional, and I strongly suggest doing research of your own.*

  5. Yeah I had a feeling, that 2 weeks in the middle wouldn't do jack.

  6. How's this for a cut cycle:

    Week 1-4 400mgs 4AD transdermal
    Week 2-4 20mgs M1T
    Week 2-8 1,4 Andro 800mgs/day

    PCT for 3-4 weeks

    Does this look better?

  7. Why not go with 1-t for your first cycle? You dont know how your body is going to react to the m1-t. The sides might be too much for you. Just a thought.

  8. I could go with 1Test, but the M1T I have was sooo cheap. Before m1T came out all I heard was people complaining about 1 test sides, and now that we have M1T everyone acts like 1Test is safe and M1T is risky. No doubt that M1T has side effects, but exactly how much worse are they??? Some friends of mine seem to be fine with M1T at 20mgs per day.

  9. Quote Originally Posted by IHateGymMorons
    How's this for a cut cycle:

    Week 1-4 400mgs 4AD transdermal
    Week 2-4 20mgs M1T
    Week 2-8 1,4 Andro 800mgs/day

    PCT for 3-4 weeks

    Does this look better?
    This is much closer to what I was thinking about, and yes I would say it is significantly improved from your first plan.

    This would be an interesting cycle log to follow


  10. Thanks for the input bro. Any of you other guys have any more thoughts on this? Thumbs up, thumbs down???

  11. How long could I get away with M1T? My last post plans it for 3 weeks. What about 4 weeks?
    Also, would there be any benefit in pyramidding the dose from 10mg - 20mg -10mg? I can see where building it up might be of benefit, but tapering down doesn't seem as good of an idea.
    If I only choose to take 10mg, does it matter what time of day I take it?

  12. hey man, i got your PM sorry i didn't get to this sooner. If your goal is a lean bulk id personally do a

    1-test/4ad/m4ohn cycle. That should yield solid muscular gains, and maybe even knock a bit of fat off while adding some size.

    I know m1t is cheap, but you could always just save it for later.

  13. Why is M1T not good for cutting? The way I set up the cycle is I drop the M1T half way through in order to let whatever bloat go away.

  14. One more idea for a cycle:

    Week 1-4 4AD---------400mgs
    Week 2-4 M1T---------20mgs
    Week 5-8 1Test-------200mgs
    Week 5-8 1,4 Andro----800mgs

    Serious PCT for at least 3 weeks using Clomid & Nolvadex

    I know that M1T works much faster than 1Test so I'm thinking it might really kick start some gains. Half way through I drop the M1T and 4AD which should reduce bloat but maintain the anabolic state and rip up more with the 1,4 Andro and 1Test while slowly reducing calories and upping cardio weekly.

    Forget the fact that this is my first cycle, is this a good cycle independent from that factor?

  15. bump for a comment on the above...


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