hows my cycle

  1. hows my cycle

    planning an new cycle to start in mid march
    Epivar 36/36/36/54/54
    AI Cycle Support ed (preloaded 2wks)
    Fish Oil

    Clomid 35mg/mL 70/70/35/35 (maybe do 1 or 2 days of 100 @ beginning)
    liquid tamox 20mg/mL (on hand if needed)
    TCF-1 full dose ed
    AI Post Cycle Support

    any thoughts? anything to add in? forma?
    i also have some leftover beast from last summer (about 20 caps @ 10mg) should i start off @ 10mg/day for 2 weeks then start into the epi?

  2. am i going to want to run an AI and cort control? I still have another bottle of endoamp ill start up in PCT for the cortisol, but what about an AI?

  3. ne1? im hoping by the silence that everything looks good to go? any thoughts on an AI?

  4. If you want to bridge the cycle with that leftover beastdrol, you may want to pick up some dermacrine as well to run underneath. . If you wanted to put it all together, I'd do it like this:

    Beast: 10/20/0/0/0/0
    EPi: 0/36/54/54/54/54
    Dermacrine: 0/0/4/4/4/4

    PCT looks alright if you like clomid- I know some guys don't because it gives them mood swings. With the dosing of beastdrol you have you're not going to see insane gains, but it would be a nice little kickstart for the epi.
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    Murder as many animals as you can on cycle, 400g+ protein always.

    Don't overthink it, just do what any androgen crazed barbarian would do

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