Recomp H-drol Stano-Drol Stack

  1. Recomp H-drol Stano-Drol Stack

    Going to be running Hdrol 6 weeks, 75/75/75/100/100/100
    Stano-drol will be at 450/450/600/600/600/600/600 and doing 7 weeks of stano-drol, main goals for this is a recomp so 5-10lbs of lean muscle gain would be great but trying to get down to 7-8 percent bf, right now around 10-11. Been eating pretty clean around 4500 cals a day, so i will keep it at that for the cycle, going to be religious about carb cuttoffs tho which is difficult and keep good fats and protein high at nights, be doing about 30 minutes of stairs 3 times a week and doing a 4 day split workout, goals of gaining an inch or two on legs and an inch if im lucky on my arms. Probably start running this by the end of the week. PCT will be toremifine citrate with cortisol blocker and natty test. Going to try and remember to log it daily as well. Let me know your thoughts!!

  2. If you want to get recomp type results you need to do 45-60min of cardio 6 times a wk

    3 times a wk at 30min isn't anywhere near enough

  3. Your muscle gain goals are kind of lofty also. 1inch on your arms is quite a bit from a 6am halo run. Ud get those type of gains from test/deca/eq 12wk cycle

  4. Yeah its more of wishful thinking on my behalf, I respond pretty well to cardio tho, and i will monitor my bf% week to week and up my cardio depending on how well the bf is decreasing.

  5. Im thinking of switching my training routine to DC and doing the 3 day split 4 times a week with 45 minutes of cardio those 4 days, this will be my 4th blast of DC, been off of DC for the last 2 months.



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