The Hamburger's cycle

  1. The Hamburger's cycle


    The Hamburger is back !
    At German boards you unfortunately don't get any useable information about PHs. So I have to nerve you. I would like do to a PH cycle, which mainly should be as safe as possible. I thought about 1-Testo. What do you think about this product I would take 6 Pills per day= 150mg for 8 weeks. Good idea?
    (look at those prices a bottle of MAG-10 is 119 Euro, which is about 130$ but it's the only shop, which sells PHs in Germany)
    Back to topic............
    After the cycle i would like to take this product , 4 Caps per day for four weeks, to recover. Is this product enough, to get the natural testo on normal level as good as possible?

    Thank you guys!

    The Hamburger

  2. Why don't you get some of the stuff from the sponsors on this site or on other sites? I'm not sure if they ship to Germany but you'll get MUCH better products and save plenty even with shipping.

    Molecular is a decent company but mucho expensive. The product on the second link is crap.

    DOsages depend on your weight and experience with anabolics.

    No one here would recommend 8weeks for ph/phs.

  3. Hi!

    The problem is not the shipping but getting it through the German custom is hard, especially if the shipper is a supplement shop. I bought some Swole at an American shop, but the customers didn't let it in, eventhoug it's legal in Germany......

    Maybe i should try again.

    Would you help me to create a working and not to unsave cycle?

    In my 6 years of Bodybuilding I don't take anything but Creatin and ofcourse Protein.
    So it would be my first cycle.

    I'm 6.4 feet high and have a weight of 231 pounds.

    Thanks for your help.

  4. I believe there are some people selling BulkNutrition/DesignerSupps products within Europe, so there would not be an issue with customs. You will save a LOT of money, and get much better results. Send an email to Mike at BulkNutrition or Sledge at DesignerSupps. They should know who to get in contact with. For PCT, MastersMarketing is out of England, and they have cheap Nolva (under Tamoxifen Citrate).

  5. Thank you StrategOs!!!!!!

  6. Hi!

    I finaly found, what I was searching for. I asked a guy about good beginner cycle and he recommended me to do a 4 weeks cycle with 200mg of 1-Testo per day and for recovery he recommended me to take 6OXO. 600mg the first 5 days and 400mg for the following 8 days.
    What do you think about it ?
    Only 13 days for recovery.........sounds a bit strange.


  7. You're welcome. Before thinking about using 6oxo, figure out how much using tamoxifen would cost. With just using 1-test, you would probably not have to use very much. Also, using 1-test orally would not do much at all. Transdermal (good), cyclodextrin based intranasal, or injectible (best) delivery would be much more efficient/cost-effective. Dollar for dollar, you cannot beat the methylated prohormones (steroids), especially when sold in powder form. If you want to put on a lot of mass, think about getting some M1T and stack it with 4AD. At even 5mg per day of M1T for say 4 weeks, you will notice very good gains, and if you stack it with 4AD you'll still feel like $1,000,000 (I'd recommend 4AD-cypionate injected, but that can wait for later). The more exotic compounds may not be worth your money if you have to buy them in pill form, depending on the markup the Euro sellers put on them. You would still be getting much much more for your money than the garbage in the vitamin shops. Look around at the various cycle-logs here, and at other reputable sites like avantlabs. I don't believe that it is better to have beginners start using inferior products, when they could get better results for much less money using better substances at low doses to start with. If you can find someone in Europe who sells M1T, M4OHN, usw., or 4-AD powder, that's where you should be spending your money. It is too bad that you can't receive the tamoxifen citrate from CustomNutritionWarehouse (a sponsor of this board), because it is absurdly cheap.

  8. I would use a transdermal 1-T product but there is also a 1-T with 4-AD transdermal product for the same price. 100mg 1-T and 150 4-AD. How about this?

    I could also get M-1-T for about 25$. But i heard, that M1T is very very hard to the liver, isn't it? So I would rather take a "softer" product, like 1-T. If I gain 10lbs in this cycle, I would be totaly satisfied. Is this possible?


  9. Sure, try out the 1-T + 4-AD transdermal. But look around at people's cycle-logs for what dosages they needed to use. (Then also figure out how much that would cost you). If this is your first cycle you may not have to use quite as much. Maybe the Prohormones FAQ has suitable dosage recommendations. As your first cycle, you may well gain 10lbs on just 1-T and 4-AD, it may cost you a fair amount. My point about the M1T was that even though it is very harsh on the liver, this also means that very little is needed for decent (or better) results. 20mg of M1T is very harsh, but 5mg may give good gains without taxing your system if you only use it for 4 weeks. Maybe I am just too much of a cheap ass. I always calculate the total amount of cost and estimate the benefit from any cycle. And remember that diet and a proper program are way more important than anything else, so be sure about those before spending too much time or money on other things.

  10. Outworker,
    Hey I am living in Kaiserslautern. I have no troubles getting supplements here. I always order from They have great prices, and they ship the fastest in my opinion. Good luck


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