Osta on PCT

  1. Osta on PCT

    Hey, I've seen a lot of you guys recommending Osta as part of PCT.

    In addition to a SERM and Creatine, is there anything else that should be used along with the SARM? Would an AI or Natty booster be helpful, unnecessary or counter productive?

    I have some DAA and Erase, but am trying to decide whether to include them at the beginning of the PCT or at the end or not at all.

    Any input is appreciated.


  2. I did this. Didn't run a AI or any kind of test booster. I can't comment on whether or not it would help in PCT though.
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  3. I have read some users that use Ostra during PCT end up with high estrodiol levels. I have a bottle of Ostra and plan to run it in PCT for my next cycle soon. I will be using the Ostra for 8 weeks total and running a low dose of aromasin along with it to keep E in control. If you plan on running it, I think using a low dose AI would be a good idea, it won't hurt so why not.

  4. I heard it had diminishing returns after 6 weeks. No reason imfo to push it. My blood work came back almost identical to what I was before my last cycle.
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