Hey everyone, before I ask my question(s) I'll give some basic info on myself:

I'm 20 yrs old, 5'6", 180 lbs, and I sit at around 14% bodyfat.

I'm training for my first bodybuilding contest in March and am deep into my cutting phase. The reason this is my first show is I never seem to get my cut right and wind up looking chubbier than desirable for a bodybuilder. I'm just over 6 weeks out and am getting really nervous about failing for the god knows how many times when my friend recommended I try out Clenbuterol. I like what I've heard about it so far but my main concern is that I am already taking a PH called Cyano+ (cynostane) and I don't want any negative reactions.

I'm just curious if anyone could give me some advice on whether I should try it out if I'm still not satisfied as the show gets closer or if that would be a serious danger to my health. Also, anyone with past experiences with Clenbuterol, your experiences are obviously welcomed.

Just as a note: I know that I am a bit younger than I should be to be using the majority of this stuff and I'm not looking for people to chastise me on my age. I understand that I am taking some risks and I am OK with that, just want to make sure I'm taking risks that make sense with the most knowledge behind them as possible.

Thanks for all of your advice!