increase my dose

  1. increase my dose

    As of right now im doing 100mg of prop EOD, its been a week already, im kinda feeling it a little bit, few friends tell me that i will really feel it in week 2 or 3. Anyways i was thinking of switching 75mgs ED, instead of doing 100mgs EOD. What do you guys suggest?


  2. dont you think you should get alittle bigger then 155 lbs before using juice

  3. Im like 5 pct bodyfat. Just muscle all over. My upper body is big, just got chicken legs lol..

  4. Damn, you are a bean pole. Eat.

  5. Post your diet and goals

  6. Quote Originally Posted by timmmah View Post
    Post your diet and goals

  7. Eating 5 times a day. Every 2 hours. (I poop like 3-4 times a day.)

    Morning- cup of oatmeal with 30g of protein.
    40 mins in I eat 3 eggs with some bacon, pickles, n tomato's.
    1 hour later- work out

    After work out-30g of protein.
    30 mins in- Go to Chinese eat brown rice with a **** load of chicken till i fell like puking.

    1 hour later i usually eat a banana.
    20 mins in another protein shake.

    around 2pm I would go eat 2 grilled chicken pattys at McDonald's.

    around 4pm I go like eat 2 doubles or McChickens with 2 apple pies.

    around 7pm I would eat wat ever my mom made for dinner( usually good carbs n protein)

    10pm Protein with yogurt n banana n off to sleep.

    P.S I also take my vitamins after a meal.

    My goal is to gain 20-25 pounds. For 155 pound guy I lift REALLY heavy ****, and go al out in a gym. I have knowledge in bodybuilding as i am obsessed with it ass i am with porn!

    Test prop stays in your system around 3 days...So I am still thinking should i just stick to 100mg EOD or up it to 150 EOD? I am 1 week in, feeling it, but hopefully with a higher does I will get better pumps, and huge testosterone energy rush.

  8. Also, Should I pin my self at night, so around 11am i work out, or the next morning like 2 hours before i lift?


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