M1T Half Life +

  1. M1T Half Life +

    Just curous, I have not seen a whole lot of solid ground let alone discussion about M1T's half life. I have heard most methyl compounds last 12 hours, but Im wary due to the fact I dont believe just because a product is methylated that any product will last 12 hours. So with that being said, does anyone know the half life? And in that! What do u guys think is the best dosing. Most likely to split and keep constant supply in my opinion, but it depends on the mg at a time as well. Maybe its better to get 10mg in ur system at once and then split 2 5mg doses up throughout the day, just so u get more of a spike?(If u were running 20mg)

    Anyway Im just throwing out questons and food for thought. Its my opinion in m1t's case to use 5mg doses and split them out throughout the day. But ive always also wondered what kind of difference maybe using 10mg at once would do? Just shows the much unkown about this potent product, and other new products as well!

  2. I believe that PA mentioned 5 hours for most of the mehtyl's.

    20mg of M1T sounds like a lot fo a single dose.

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