M1, 4ADD / Epi cycle review/feedback

  1. M1, 4ADD / Epi cycle - Looking for advice.

    Cut down to 170 or so and looking to bulk up a little now. Want to keep a solid 10-15 lbs of mass with this cycle. Here's the plan (feel free to include any feedback/thoughts on the cycle):

    On Cycle

    M1, 4ADD - 60/60/90/90
    Epithio - 15/30/45/45
    Methyl 1-D - 3/3/4/5
    Letro - .5mgs EOD (could also do .25 ED if consesus thinks its better than .5mg EOD)


    Hawthorn Berry - 300mg (std. to 2% Vitexin = 6mg)
    Celery Seed - 1500mg/day
    Fish Oils - 2-3g/day (may increase over cycle - also contains krill for enhanced absorption)
    Purus Labs - Organ Shield - 2/day (may wait until PCT for this one as it contains Milk Thistle)


    Tamoxifen Citrate - 40/40/20/20
    Lean Xtreme - 0/0/3/2/2/1
    T-Bomb 2 - 3-6/ED
    Letro* - ???
    All Ancillaries

    Other Support (Taken Throughout)

    Creatine Hydrochloride - 2.5g/day
    PowerFULL - 3/day
    Modern BCAA - 1 - 2 serv./day
    Engorge - 4-8caps/day (depending on hunger/need for calories)

    *My major question is whether or not I can run the Letro in PCT or if I should go with another AI altogether. If I can, how should I dose it? If not I'll probably run formestane starting on day 15 of PCT and taper it across the subsequent 4 weeks. If I can run letro though I'd prefer not to spend the money to buy the form as I have the letro already.

    Any other questions/comments/feedback are encouraged.

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