Question about conversion 4OHT, 1test, 4AD

  1. Question Question about conversion 4OHT, 1test, 4AD

    I just made a brew with 5g 1-test cyp, 5g 4OHT, 7g 4ad cyp and
    1g 4ad. 31.4ml cottonseedoil, 8.4 BB, 3ml BA filtered over a .45um wathmanfilter
    everything went fine, solution was clear, dark, but clear when still hot. after it cool down it became cloudy. there is nothing comming down on the bottom or so everything stays in solution but it is cloudy.
    Is here something wrong? should I use this?

  2. See your other post where you state the same question...I answered in there.


  3. First, look at your concentration! It is nearly 400 mg/mL...and if you get it stable and pin it the pain will be considerable.

    Next, look at the fact that you have non-esterfied species in there (4-OHT and 4-AD base) which will precipitate.

    Recommendation: don't go over 250-300 mg/mL on a batch and don't add too much base.

    Tell me if I'me wrong but 5+5+7+1=18g total and I have a total of 60ml so I think This is only300mg/ml
    Furter, now a day later it is still cloudy but there is still no residu on the bottom of the vial everything stays in solution. I'm gona filter it over a .22 filter and see if this works.
    Could it be the 4oht that makes it so cloudy? anyone some expiriences with? the powder is also verry heavy and brown colored not like many other powder.


  4. It is a simple matter to determine the mass of powders you have in there but did you actually measure the volume after addition or use some bull**** displacement factor?

    Why didn't you just state something like, "I have X grams dissolved to Y mL's with Z matrix components"? That would have eliminated all misunderstanding with concentration calculations.

    At any rate, simple concentration goes out the window due to LeChatelier's principle, common analyte effect, and ionic atmosphere [activity] as you have MULTIPLE SPECIES IN SOLUTION. You ****ed up by putting base molecules in an oil matrix and in a batch with multiple components...there are better matrix formulations for base molecules.

    How do you fix it? You can't. You can filter but then you're only removing the undissolved powder (probably the 4-AD and 4-OHT). Do what you want...


  5. Ok, thanx! This was the kind of answer I was looking for. I'me relativly new in this and obviously made a mistake. I just ran another batch with just 10g 1-test cyp and 13g 4ad-cyp( all that was left) this is clear and nice solution of 75ml filtered over .22 filter (this was realy a terrible expirience!!). Could you tell me how the concentrations /ml are?
    I should say: 173mg/ml 4AD-cyp and 133mg/ml 1-test cyp, is this right?

  6. Just took my first shot of the homebrew above. It was totaly pianless. I took only a 1ml shot to try but man was that scary to do the first time. You're never 100% sure if everything you made is 100% ok, so sweatdrops were comming of!!!
    I'll wait for a couple days now to be sure there comes no infection in my ass. Or would I feel this quiet fast??


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