1. Talking JPís METHA-DROL EXTREME Log/Review

    (forgot to post this here when i started)
    Started: 1/28/2011
    Hello guys.
    Well I decided to try out the metha-drol extreme, but first want to say that I DO NOT rec this product to beginners.
    You should have a lot of exp with steroids and/or other DS/Pro-Hís , along with having lots of research in this field.
    This is a blend of 3 steroids (well 2 steroids, 1 PH) and 2 of which are liver toxic and is why I donít recommend this for beginners.
    Normally I would not rec stacking 2 liver toxic orals. But I am doing so at a lower dose. For e.g.: I like dbol at 50-70mg ed but would not stack that dose with the same of say drol. But half of each I would consider. (If you get my point.)
    This looks to be a great product; I will be taking 2 caps a day for 4 weeks.
    I started 2 days ago (didnít have a chance to post till now) and will be updating this log/review 1-2 times a week till finished.
    I am on my bulking cycle and this methadrol will be the tail end of the cycle.

    Here is what Iím on and how far in:
    *on week 6*
    Wk1-12 700-750mg test EW
    Wk1-10 300mg trenE EW
    Wk6-10 2 caps methadrol Ed
    Wk2-10 igf-1lr3 50-70mcg Ed

    I have ran trenE and test a bunch of times before so it will be interesting to see what kind of extra effects/gains the methadrol will add to this cycle.

    A few basic supps Iím taking also:
    Creapure (creatine)
    ASGT or guranimo as PreWO
    Lipotropic protein
    2g taurine Ed
    1g ALCAR Ed
    VitD 5000 IU Ed
    IBCAAís (agipure/pps)
    Sustain alpha
    Apple cider vinegar

    I will be updating soon.
    And thank you Ironmag Labs for letting my try this product out! :-)

  2. 2/6/2011
    Itís been about a week now.
    Power is up and pumps are greater, enough to know itís from the methedrol.
    Nausea: None, I sometimes get a bit with orals.
    Hunger: it is dulled but I am still able to eat what I need to, itís just a bit harder too.
    I hurt the muscle/tendon in my thumb area and I think I pulled my bicep, so Iím taking a couple days off.
    It did not feel like too much weight, Iím not sure if I just slept funny or it was a workout I did, but the next day **** Iím in pain. I can barely hold a bottle of water right now.
    Anyway, so far Iím happy with results. Canít wait to see what next week brings! :-P

  3. awesome, keep us posted!

  4. *update*
    Well on wk 3 ish now, I tend to get the winter depression kinda bad, BUT I still feel GREAT when working out.
    Pumps and power are unreal with this methadrol, makes me want to push it to 6-8 weeksÖ.but I wonít, not this time around.
    I have had some mild nausea here and there but normally I get it worse with orals so Iím not unhappy, they seem milder than some other orals I have used.
    I have added lbs to all my lifts.
    Scale jumps a bit while bulking so I having been using scale much I like mirror and I can tell mass is being added even though there is some mild bloat I can see it.
    Bloat is not too much (but I am taking 10-14g creatine ed right now.)
    Over all I am loving this product in my cycle.
    I would rec this for a kick to a cycle for sure.
    Wish there was another five weeks left. But Iím closing in on my last week now. :-(

  5. I just started my methadrol extreme cycle 12 days ago.I'm very happy to hear you liked it!

  6. *Update*
    Ok well sorry for the late update I have been VERY busy these last couple weeks and am for the next few.
    I finished the methadrol about 1 week ago.
    I did not feel much nausea (I do sometimes from orals) which I was surprised because this stuff is nice and strong/
    My strength went up A LOT while on this.
    Bloat or other sides were not an issue.
    I took 2 caps ED
    Overall I would have loved to run this for 6-8 weeks not just 4, but did not want to push it this time around.
    I look fuller and DEFFANATLY put on some mass. Iím on test, igf1lrs also but I know that this gave a big kick to gains.
    I did find I had to make myself eat at times due to suppressed appetite, but nothing extreme.
    I would definitely recommend this product for a kick start or addition to a cycle. Actually I would rec this over most straight oral restricted AAS.
    Thank you for having this great product.
    I look forward to trying other products from Ironman Labs


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