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    hey everyone i've just found out that my t is very low (2.2) and have a screwed up thyroid i just started taking armour thyroid and have prescrip for a t-cream has wondering the best way (place)to use it.and will it be easier to build muscle with these had to eat like 4300cal before to really build now im eating 500cal under maint. and felling better (2400cal go figure)and shedding mad fat. dont know if it matters but i have a good bit of hair on me (stomach is bad)

  2. somebody please help me out im using this stuff tomorrow morning and it costs alot!dont want to screw it up already scewed my body up now its time to fix it

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    How old are you (just curious)? And I'm assuming your thyroid medication is like most others and is to be dosed first thing in the morning, 30-60 minutes before consuming food.

    As far as the t-cream; that's not something I'm fully aware of. Did your doctor not give you directions? I've read people putting it on the insides of their arms, or on their thighs or stomach. I would also think you'd want a location without a lot of hair.

  4. im 33 and he said to take the thyroid first (morning empty stomach )and wait a couple of days for the cream he said stomach arm or leg in morning .also all my hair is why i was concered my leg isnt't to bad didnt know like the bigger the muscle or things like that
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    To be honest, I'd try posting this over in the anti-aging area or somewhere like that; you may get more responses from guys who have experience in this. I just now noticed that it was in the anabolics section.



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