Oral dosing...once or split doses per day?

  1. Oral dosing...once or split doses per day?

    I have searched for information regarding some valid facts regarding the dosing of orals and have only found a handful of weak theories or opinions so I was hoping someone might have some credible information and/or facts regarding the best way to dose orals.
    Is it best to do one full dose once per day or split that up to 2 or 3 doses throughout the day?

    I personally believe split dosing is better due to the fact that there is a finite number of receptors in the body and too much in the body at one time would fill those receptors and the extra will be broken down and excreted easier. Multiple dosing would put less in the body at one time to help maximize the amount of the daily dose.
    The argument for the once daily dosing was that more of it would be able to pass though the liver which doesn't make sense because say a methyl has 90% passthrough then 90% of say 20mg is the same as 90% of 10mg x 2. Once daily dosing also seems like it would tax the liver more as it would be subject to 'process' more at one time.

    Hopefully someone has some good facts/stats on research on this. I am sure something has been done with methylated prescription drugs which might relate with this. I am sure this will be helpful to others who are currently taking or plan on taking orals in the future.

  2. It depends more on the half life of the substance, than how much is broken down/absorbed. You want to keep your blood levels as close to constant as possible. Most of the new methyls are around 12hrs half life, so dosing 2-3 times is the best way.

  3. Quote Originally Posted by Longdog
    Most of the new methyls are around 12hrs half life
    I'm curious, where did you get this number?

  4. I would also like to know where you got that number. Not doubting you just looking for the info.

  5. Is it safe to assume m4ohn has a half life of ~12 hours then?
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  6. I found that the CNS stimulation of M4OHN peaked between 6 and 9 hours after administration of a single 4mg dose. If that's a good indicator of how much M4OHN is floating around in your system then a half-life of 12 hours or so sounds about right. There are some theories floating around that by dosing once in the morning, your system is back to normal in time for its own nocturnal LH release and subsequent test production. The advantage to this is that it would minimize (or perhaps eliminate) the need for PCT. The flipside is that you only have a small window of exogenous hormones each day which might not be of much use.

    Unfortunately, I haven't seen any actual research done on this subject (haven't looked that hard) and I had to cut my own M4OHN cycle short after 5 days because of some abdominal pain which now appears to be related to a stomach bug.


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