Hey gang

So Im still in the process of researching my first cycle, and have decided that:

test enanthate @ 500mg/week
EQ @ 300mg/week

for 10 weeks, PCT with HCG/Nolva will probably get me the gains Im after.

I would like something to 'kick off' the cycle that isnt a methylated oral, and Ive read that test prop is a good idea. However, this would be my first time injecting, and I dont want to inject EOD.

Would 1test in a transdermal be a good idea? T1 kicked in in about 8 days for me when I did a 4-week cycle last April. What about TNE in a transdermal?

Does it make sense to frontload with EQ?

Should HCG be used during the cycle?

A cycle like this, along with proper diet and training, should pack on some quality mass that Ill keep most of...my other option was 2 more short 1test/4AD cycles, but I think the test/EQ route will provide the best gains and lowest percentage of sides.

Any thoughts?