Elementrip is back in the F'n game

  1. Elementrip is back in the F'n game

    My life would be nothing if not a whirlwind of discovery and growth.

    First, I apologize to all who have been leaving me pm's with questions and seeking advise. If any of your concerns or questions are still current please feel free to shoot them right back over my way once more!
    Also, I feel a little explanation is in order... My life was going in a bad direction so i took things into my own hands and changed EVERYTHING necessary. Since this moment I have moved to a different city, with my amazing and unimaginably understanding/supportive girlfriend (now fiance)! And i am currently awaiting an interview for admissions to the University of Northern Colorado.

    And now down to the fun thats soon to ensue!

    The cycle:
    Test cyp- weeks 1-12 (750mg pinned @ 325 E3D) *Long ester in use during cutting cycle as i'm not a big fan of prop's high propensity for test flu from personal experiences*
    Masteron- weeks 3-12 (200mg pinned EOD)
    Anadrol- weeks 1-3 (50mg ED immediately upon waking)
    Anavar- weeks 7-12 (80mg ED taken twice approx. 8 hrs apart)
    HCG- weeks 1-16 (250IU E3D)
    Proviron- weeks 1-16 (25mg ED)

    A-dex on hand, as well as letro, and additional nolva. I am a fan of the over prepared plan!

    The PCT:
    Clomid- weeks 13-16 (50/50/25/25)
    Tamox- weeks 13-16 (40/40/20/20)

    The Debatables:
    -Whats the hottest $hit on the market (OTC wise) for liver at the moment? LIV 52 is always cheap enough to dose like they're skittles. But of course with A-bombs I don't want anything short of the best, ya know?
    -Current favorites for cycle support supps? I'm sure cycle support by AI would do but its been around for a bit and therefore the possibility for it to be outdated is on my mind.

    Of course the typical ancillaries and front-load principles will be taken. Hawthorne, milk thistle, garlic, EFA's......blah blah blah

    I will update at earliest chance I get as i'm unimaginably busy paying those bills and what not. My commute is currently 2 hours each way to work! But it's what I've gotta do to make big things happen!

    :::: Thanks in advance to all who read, and provide input/advice! Hope all is well in the world of AM still and a couple of my old friends pop out of the woodworks to give this a read!!!::::

  2. Oh, I am possibly going to compete this upcoming July. That is the reason for the cycle not resembling so much the massive bulk.

    Though the Anadrol will be used to slap on a few extra lbs to play with in there!

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