lots of blood

  1. lots of blood

    I kinda scared myself a bit today.
    Shot the gear like normal. Aspirated, all clear, injected, went fine. Pulled the needle out and whoosh...

    I know I aspirated with no blood but I wonder if there's a little danger when I obviously went 'through' a vein getting there?

  2. Should not be a problem. You may have some bruising.

  3. its normal, you may have hti a vein on your way out. No biggie, happens to me too. It looks like a fountain or something.
    Just put pressure and some massage and that will help the pain (if any)

  4. yep, size said it.. might be alittle bruising... did that, lucky for me, I am running into equipment at the gym all the time, we have a small size floor it seems..

  5. had the same thing happen bro, felt like I was gona pass out when I saw the fountain of blood coming from my ass. There was a huge bruise from it but im fine, you'll be fine. From what Iv heard you pretty much have to shoot alot of oil directly into a vein or artery for it to do harm.. Don't let it go to your head...



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