epi and xtren pct????

  1. epi and xtren pct????

    Gettin ready to start an epistane and xtren cycle and was wondering what would be the best otc to stack with my clomid for pct????

  2. For my standard PCT (along with a SERM) I usually run something like PCT assist or Recycle. And then some type of cortisol control (supress-c) around 2nd or 3rd week. Also, I like to start running a lose dose OTC AI around 2nd/3rd week of PCT and continue for several weeks thereafter. Now, other supps like creatine/pre-workout, etc. are optional (I use them). But for just PCT, I use SERM, natural test boost, cortisol control, and low dose AI post pct and consider these staples for any PCT.

  3. Why is clomid preferred for the serm when using xtren?

  4. Think I remember someon saying nolva can contribute to tren gyno. Clomid isn't suppossed it. I'm sure a search will be easy to check on that.

  5. Ive been all over these boards tryin to get everything ready for this stack...thought i was ready and then i read a big thread on caber (not so good) no im guessing again?



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