Two cycles here....what one?

  1. Question Two cycles here....what one?

    I have been working on a good summer cycle for mass and str. Here is what I have came up with tell me what you guys think.

    Cycle 1
    1-10 test E 1000mg ew
    1-12 400mg of EQ
    1-10 75mg of tren ed

    W11-13 Prop, 200mg EOD or 100mg ED
    W9-14 Anavar or Winny 40-50mg Daily.

    PCT W15

    Cycle 2
    1-15 test E 750mg ew
    1-4 100mg of prop ed
    1-3 75mg of anadrol ed
    1-15 400mg of EQ
    1-12 75mg of tren ed.
    5-15 nolva 10mg

    PCT W16

    Here is my cycle history:
    1st dbol and test 500mg per week
    2nd summer 75mg fina ed, test 500mg per week
    3rd winter 75mg fina ed, test 500mg per week
    4th deca 600mg per week test 750mg per week
    5th anadrol QV 75mg per day 1-4w, fina 75mg per week 5-11w, test 750mg 1-12weeks.
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  2. wrong forum

  3. Looking into your sixth cycle at the age of 23......
    Disregarding this fact, cycle one would be a killer cycle. One which ill be running my next run with smaller dosage and sust rather than the enanthate. Those are some heavy mgs/week brother.... hope you're a big ass dude.
    Cycle two is slightly a better fit i think for you. But couldnt say until we get your stats. Drol coudl be easily lowered to 50mg and you should still be fine.

  4. Here is some basic stats:
    Age- 23
    Weight- 224lbs
    bf- not sure?
    Height- 6"0

  5. I personally like cycle two but i might up the eq a bit...I think you would prolly respond to it a little better at like 600 mgs per week. But other than that they both look like kick ass cycles.

  6. i'd do cycle 1, but do the tren for wks 1-8 and the winny wk 7-13. Maybe lower the test to 750 and up the eq to 600, but this is optional.

    If you go w/ cycle 2, i'd reduce the drol down, and also cut back the 12 weeks of tren. Thats basically kidney suicide if you ask me.

    I agree w/ sage, these cycles might be a little overkill brother, seems like you're relying a bit too much on gear. But thats just my opinion and i dont know anything about you, so i wont hold it against you.

    BTW i'm moving this to the steriod forum, where you'll probabaly get more opinions.

  7. Thanks alot guys for the quick posts....sorry about this form mix up thanks for moveing it Jonblaze, this is my first time on this bored. I was thinking abou upping the EQ but I was not sure because this would be my first time useing it. BTW my gear is all QV and the fina is homebrew. Here is what I have three 10ml QV EQ200mg,35ml QV testE 250mg, QV anadrol 75mg and one 10ml testP 100mg. Plus all my PCT gear. Come to think of it, it does seem like I am depending on alot of gear...I think I might have just let it go to my head there for a little bit lol. I have to keep in mind that this is with make my 7th cycle.
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  8. Cycle 1 with anavar instead of winstrol.

    Tren and anavar are great for strength and power

  9. Cycle 1 definitely. I like winny myself, but if you have good var at a reasonable price, that may be better

  10. I'd run cycle 2 and i would either buy more prop and run it in the end and the beginning or run prop first 2 weeks and last 2 weeks.

    I'd buy more and run 100 mg eod for wk 1-4 and the last 4 wks.

    so stop the test e week 13 and the EQ week 12. And just run the prop weeks 12 to 15. then start pct 3 days after last shot.

    Think more about yoru cycle.


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