What kind of increased volume can I do while on cycle? Epistane, first cycle

  1. What kind of increased volume can I do while on cycle? Epistane, first cycle

    I know most people are going to tell me to feel out my body etc., but I'm trying to plan out my split a bit better because I want to make this cycle amazing.
    I'm currently doing mon/tues/thurs/fri 4-day lifting split with HEAVY leg/back volume and sat/sun football training/conditioning for 3hrs/day. I'm able to do this for around 2 months and then I feel I need a deload week.
    My cycle of epistane will be 6wks at 30/40/40/40/50/50. I haven't taken a deload since right before Christmas so.... 5 weeks?

    Could I expect to be able to do 2xday and split my 4day split into a 8xweek split by week 2 or is this too ambitious? I'm taking huge amounts of joint supplements expecting to wreak some havoc on them.

    Since no one has responded yet i'll throw this one out there too. I start my cycle in 4 days, could I quickly get some dermacrine for a huge boost or is my epi dosing enough?

  2. Epi will be enough, you wont need derma unless you rly want to throw it in.

    I would just keep doing what ur doing now. Whats your 4 days split? Id do something like Upper (mon), lower (tues), upper (thurs), lower (fri) if thats what ur going for. id definetly try to hit all bodyparts twice a week on cycle FWIW

  3. old split 1 month ago was
    monday: back (excluding deadlift)
    tuesday: legs
    thursday: chest/tris
    friday: deadlift/power clean/abs/shoulders
    sat: football conditioning/scrimmage
    sun: football conditioning/scrimmage

    new split (to avoid my back being THRASHED from back then legs)
    monday: huge back day including deadlifts/lockouts
    tuesday: chest/tris
    thursday: legs
    friday: overhead press/power clean/shoulders/bis
    sat: football conditioning/scrimmage
    sun: football conditioning/scrimmage

    I already like the new split better. My back volume on monday is out of control due to basically combining two back days, but meh.

    I train for strength/speed only. Gogo football. Also a ton of conditioning throughout week typically ~5ish days.

    edit: I hit 475x8 deep squats today, feelsgoodman

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