Transform: Ultimate Mass Stack!?!?

  1. Transform: Ultimate Mass Stack!?!?

    weeks 1-4: 2 cap Trasform 13 and 2 cap Extreme Mass
    weeks 1-8: Organ Shield and Fish Oil
    weeks 4-8: Recycle and Nolva

    From what I've read: "extreme mass will produce more size but it's got a lot less estrogenic activity associated with it as compared to alpha one. 13 ethyl is a progesterone based steroid but it's safer than alpha one."

    Has anyone tried anything like this? Also how does that layout look? Anything you would add/takeout? Everything I listed is very CHEAP and seems to good to be true.

  2. edit: I think he has the new extreme mass, containing sd/max lmg.

    the other product you have is just methoxygonadiene, commonly known as max lmg, in it's pro converted state the compound looks similar to a progestin (but it's an androgenic pro hormone), but upon ingestion, it is converted via the stomach acids, into 13b ethyl-nor-androstenediol, and then via enzyme, converted into 13b ethyl nor-testosterone.

    all steroids have the ability to the progestin receptor d/t their structure, but they are still androgens, and bind first and foremost to the androgen receptor.

    max lmg isn't an exception.

    it has minimal aromatization, but does have more progestin receptor activity than decadurabolin, this can enhance estrogenic sides in some.

    it's typical dosage is around 75mg or higher.

    I'd say to go with your original plan, it looks good.

    make sure you have a serm to go with your pct. I prefer clomid.

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