Epi gyno nolva

  1. Epi gyno nolva

    I've been reading and read thru the gyno thread and haven't recieced a response. I believe I do have a case of gyno. Now I read in a few areas that epinions may help reduce it then just oct. Is there any evidence of this.
    Or should I just run nolva at 10mg for a month.
    Now if I do need to goto the dr. What is it I tell him? Are they going to ask if I've ever done AAS?


  2. how old are you?

  3. 27
    Why do you ask?

  4. Well if you were young you could try and pass it off as pubescent gyno. But since you are 27 don't tell the doc sh!t. It shouldn't matter to him how you got gyno, just how he's gonna fix it.

  5. Do not say you used AAS. You might be able to get insurance to cover the cost by complaining of pain that interrupts your everyday life.
    Sustain Alpha is back!

  6. You think any of the methods I mentioned may work? Maybe letro.
    Im trying to avoid the doc.

  7. My last cycle was like 2 years ago and just now like 5 months ago it started growing and hurting

  8. You could try to loose some bf if not lean already. That may help. I would stay away from anything hormonal from now on. Dont know what else to tell you bud. Best of luck.


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