2nd cycle suggestions??

  1. 2nd cycle suggestions??

    Just turned in my taxes!...Anyways, back on topic. I ran my first 10wk test e cycle @ 500 and gained about 18 pounds..lost about half of that after pct.(Nolva 40/20/20/10) and SA. Which is to bad for my first run with the real deal. Ive ran a few phs before hand. I was wondering what you guys would suggest for my next run?? Any feedback is appreciated. Thanks!
    ( I have a few pics on my iphone if anyone can tell me how to upload them?.my harddrive took a dumpo)

    Andromix is a blend that contains 3 hormones which are Testosterone Prop, Tren Acetate, and Masteron...what do you fellas think about this??...with a nice test base??

    Or just the usual dbol/deca/test run?

    fyi. Im 25..5'6 162. Help me out AM!

  2. bump....lol can anyone please help me out?? 15 views and no replys yet..

  3. I personally love prop/tren ace combo. Havent run mast yet, but perhaps one day. Are you looking to all out bulk, or are you looking to cut? I know for me, personally, I lose my appetite on tren so I use it for a cutter so to speak. Does wonders for partitioning of nutrients.

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